The BAVS Frequently-Asked Questions List

This is the FAQ for BAVS, the Beginning Adult Violin Study discussion list. New list readers (as well as others who have come to this page to learn more about the violin) are encouraged to read this FAQ, as it provides answers to many basic questions that beginning violinists often have. However, these answers should not be regarded as definitive or authoritative, but rather, as a starting point for answering your query. Playing the violin is a highly personal and subjective art, and your experience with the instrument will be unique.

Furthermore, even though a question may be answered in the FAQ, you should still feel welcome to repeat the inquiry or open discussion on the topic. You will be bringing new experiences and insights to the BAVS discussion community, and the renewal of the discussion will encourage those who have not previously posted their viewpoints to do so.

Finally, please be aware that none of the contributors to this FAQ teach the violin, and therefore, these answers are simply a compendium of the collective knowledge and experience of the list's amateur violinists. Read at your own risk, and be aware that your teacher may contradict advice that is given here.

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